Before Forever

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Christmas is a difficult time of year for Jessica White, a kindergarten teacher and closet romance author, who uses the pages of her books to experience the kind of love she’s convinced does not exist this side of the written word.

She’s lost every love she’s ever known at Christmastime, and comes by her cynicism towards it naturally as the child of an ugly divorce, bitter mother, cheating father and her own fair share of crappy guys and relationships.

When her mom drags her to the town Christmas tree lighting, and she finds Max Carter through the crowd, even her fears can’t help her deny the potential they have for a good love story.

She couldn’t have written a man better suited for herself. The yin to her yang, Max is passionate, carefree, confident and his only fear in life is not taking the chances it gives. His ability to live life in the moment balances out her need to plot it all out. They are a perfect match, but it may not be enough.

Jessica becomes the main character of her own complicated, but real-life love story when she agrees to give Max a chance. But if she’s going to get a happily ever after, she and Max will have to overcome more plot twists and conflicts than any two characters she’s ever known. A questionable relationship with an ex, distance she puts between them when she moves, a near-death experience, and a complicated past, which has shaped her fears and unrealistic expectations, will combine in an epic effort to keep her and Max apart.

Maybe she’s had it wrong all along. Maybe the best love stories aren’t the ones that fit neatly between the front and back covers of a book. Maybe the best love stories are the ones that start with happily ever after and last forever, but Jessica will have to risk everything she’s spent so long protecting if she’s ever going to find out.