Love Triangle

Love Triangle Aesthetics 2

Julie West was the predictable part of her average all-American family, until her senior year of high school, when she found herself having to choose between the perfect guy and the forbidden one.

Her relationship to the quarterback had been all but arranged since they were in elementary school. She was committed to him, but then she met Leighton, her Trigonometry teacher. She didn’t need him to teach her about triangles to know her life was about to be too many degrees of complicated.

When people in town suspect she’s getting too close to the new teacher, it’s only a matter of time before her folks figure things out. She’s of age, but being with a teacher would be frowned upon, and being in an interracial relationship would put a target on her back, not even her parents could erase. Not that they would be willing to.

There’s only one person who can help her keep their secret until the end of the school year: her boyfriend, Brad. But his offer to help only complicates things.

If trigonometry taught Julie anything, it was that every triangle had three sides and three angles, and it was the relationship between each that defined how any given triangle could function. As if the pressure of SATs and College Admissions essays weren’t enough, Julie now has to figure out how to apply trigonometry to her love life, and navigate her way to the end of senior year, where she will finally be free to choose the man she wants to love.