Hello! I’m Elizabeth Zane! Well, actually that’s my pen name. Being both a contemporary Romance writer and a wife and mother of three, I felt like I needed to change my name to protect the innocent. I currently live in Florida, where we are stuck in an eternal summer.

When I got married, my maid of honor toasted me as “loves greatest cheerleader” because I have a reputation for believing love can conquer even the most formidable opponent. I’ve been known to fight for love any chance I get, and I also tend to romanticize it. You’ll see those two qualities shine through in the main characters of most of my work.

However, I am also passionate about revealing what happens AFTER Happily Ever After. I like to pull back the curtain and give readers a peek at where the real work begins.

When I began writing I was a little shy to explore those places and feelings many in my life had told me were shameful. Since then, my writing has grown to be more provocative. Now I walk a careful line between sweet and sexy, bringing both to my pages in a way I hope resonates with readers.

I am currently working on my “Forever” series. The first book, Befrore Forever, is complete and seeking representation. Finding Forever and Fixing Forever are works in progress, but not yet complete. These books are the result of an actual relationship that has lasted longer than I thought it ever would, in ways I never expected it could.

I bring a lot of my own life’s experiences to my work and hope that it makes my characters people you can relate to and connect with.

I am so glad you found your way to my site and I hope you’ll subscribe to follow along as I set out on my journey to become the author I never expected to be.


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